CRITICAL Software and HEICON Global Engineering are delighted to offer an interactive training course that addresses the requirements engineering issues faced by companies tasked with software development in safety and mission-critical sectors.

This course goes beyond providing a standard ‘how to’ overview of requirements engineering, instead examining the subject from a practical perspective, with real-life examples of successful and unsuccessful methods taken from past projects. This course covers all of the vital elements needed to produce top-class specifications in an efficient way.

Course Overview

This two-day training course will provide attendees with a broad knowledge of requirements engineering and practical methods of application.

Day 1

  • Requirements and their application within functional safety standards
  • Understanding requirements in the V-Model
  • Examining traceability
  • Exploring different categories and levels
  • The correct formulation of requirements
  • Important checklists
  • Tool support

Day 2

  • Building consistent, clear specifications
  • Properties and identifiers of requirements
  • The real-life balance of power between "what" and "how"
  • Dealing with multiple levels of requirements’ specifications
  • A practical look at consistency and completeness
  • The challenge of detecting completeness holes
  • Traceability and requirements organisation: boost control over large specifications
  • Pros and cons of specification detail
  • Evolving specifications (evolutionary waterfall and agile)
  • Change and impact analysis


The course provides a compact and practical approach to requirements engineering, addressing application domains that must comply with functional safety standards, including: ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ISO 25119, IEC 62304, DO-178C and EN 50126/8/9. As such it is designed to benefit people in the following positions:

  • System architects
  • Software and hardware developers
  • Project leaders and development managers
  • Functional safety officers 

CRITICAL Software & HEICON training courses are delivered with consideration of the professional experience of delegates. As such, the actual two-day course can be tailored to best suit the professional background of those attending.