DO-278A training course


CRITICAL Software’s ‘Applied DO-254 & ED-80’ training course gives attendees key insights into the objectives behind the DO-254 standard and its relationship to DO-178C. This fast-track course also provides greater understanding of how to minimise both cost and scheduling implications when working with the new standard.

Focused on delivering an advanced understanding of leading DO-254 industry practices, this expert-led course will teach attendees how to minimise certification costs while maximising productivity. This in-depth training is perfect for engineers and managers involved with avionics software development.

Key Features:


Attendees will learn:

  • Understanding the objectives behind the DO-254 standard
  • Key differences between DO-254 and DO-178
  • Applying DO-254 to military and commercial uses
  • Controlling engineering cost and risks
  • Improving productivity and leveraging hardware reusability
  • Applying DO-254 to FPGAs, ASICs and PLDs
  • Leveraging EASA’s and FAA’s CAST-27 and SWCEH-001
  • Applying DO-254 to IP Cores
  • Plans and standards for certification, requirements, design, implementation, QA and CM
  • Case studies on DO-254
  • How to pass audits
  • Review and walkthrough of real PHAC checklist
  • How to apply DO-254 in the real world
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • Leading best practices
  • How to reduce complexity, risk and cost
  • How to identify and apply dedicated DO-254 tools

If required, the training course can be provided at client premises and is able to be tailored to suit client needs. Register your interest and one of our friendly experts will get in touch with you to discuss your options and how we can help.


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