DO-278A training course


Designed for attendees with a basic familiarity of DO-178B or other safety-critical standards, CRITICAL Software’s world-leading, fast-track training course in ‘Applied DO-178C’ gives insight into the scope and intentions behind the standard and how to ensure seamless application.

Focused on delivering an advanced understanding of leading DO-178C industry practices, this expert-led course will give attendees a solid grounding in key areas including scheduling, cost-estimation and tool selection, along with objective descriptions and case studies. This in-depth training is perfect for engineers and managers involved with avionics software development.

Key Features:


Attendees will learn:

  • The intentions behind DO-178
  • Key differences between DO-178B and DO-178C
  • How to apply DO-178C in military and commercial contexts
  • Controlling engineering costs and risks
  • Improving development productivity
  • New techniques for certification
  • Understanding DO-178C supplements for: DO-330/ED-215 Software Tool Qualification; DO-331/ED-216 Model-Based Development and Verification; DO-332/ED-217 Object-Oriented Technology; DO-333/ED-218 Formal Methods Supplement
  • How to avoid the most common DO-178C mistakes
  • DO-178C and DO-254 best practices
  • DO-178C Tool Qualification and DO-278 Requirements and Traceability direct from case studies
  • How to reduce the complexity, risk and costs of DO-178C
  • How to identify and apply dedicated DO-178C tools

If required, the training course can be provided at client premises and is able to be tailored to suit client needs. Register your interest and one of our friendly experts will get in touch with you to discuss your options and how we can help.


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